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10 Ramadani Meals You Find At Every Arab household

During Ramadan, Arab families are interested in making the best dishes of the menu and it differs from one country to another, yet the below listed meals are found almost on the Iftar table of every Arab family. 1. Soup (Hasaa’ or Shorba) It is almost a habit to begin with a hot dish of soup. The main ingredients of the soup may vary whether it is made of vegetables, chicken, or even meat, yet lentil soup remains the main dish on the Iftar table. One cannot resist the charming…

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10 Traditional Arab Dishes

If you are a food lover, you will like this article. Being in the MENA region is a great chance for anyone to try one or two of these dishes. Whether you like salty, sour, sweet or spicy dishes, you have to try one of these flavor-rich dishes. Whether it is a main dish or a salad dish, you have to try one of these. The Palestinian Falafel Image from Though it is a Palestinian in origin, it is now found in many Arab countries so you will not…

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