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Young Designer Imagines A Border-less Egypt

A young visual artist Amr Eid from Cairo merges Egypt and the World landmarks in a stunning photo series. ‘This is an imaginary project of the different landmarks from all over the world if they were in Egypt and landmarks from Egypt if they were in other places’ says artist. Here we showcase some of the images from the project ‘ماذا لو What If’ on Behance, originally posted by artist. Cairo University / Tropea Province of Vibo Vaelntia Italy   Louvre Museum at Giza Pyramids   Pisa tower at Tahrir…

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15 Unusual Places That You Won’t Believe Existed In The Middle East

Travelling around the Middle East is overwhelming and unforgettable. The Middle East has something to offer to every traveler: beaches, mountains, fauna, scenic beauty, luxury hotels, historical monuments, rich culture – a treat for all the senses. The experience will leave you a little exhausted; because there’s always something more to see. This wonderful land is riddled with so many mysteries and astonishing things which are at times uncanny. It is almost as if every corner of this land has something waiting to be unraveled, just like these: 1. Marble…

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