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10 Interesting facts About Lebanon

Lebanon used to be known as the “Switzerland of the East” due to the diversity and financial power that it enjoyed. Today Lebanon marks it’s 72nd Independence Day. Let’s look at some interesting facts about Lebanon. 01. The diverse population of Lebanon comes from nearly 18 religions 02. The vast majority of Lebanese living outside of Lebanon 03. Lebanon is the only Arab country that has absolutely no desert 04. The world’s first ever law school was founded in the city of Beirut The law school of Beirut was a…

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15 Unusual Places That You Won’t Believe Existed In The Middle East

Travelling around the Middle East is overwhelming and unforgettable. The Middle East has something to offer to every traveler: beaches, mountains, fauna, scenic beauty, luxury hotels, historical monuments, rich culture – a treat for all the senses. The experience will leave you a little exhausted; because there’s always something more to see. This wonderful land is riddled with so many mysteries and astonishing things which are at times uncanny. It is almost as if every corner of this land has something waiting to be unraveled, just like these: 1. Marble…

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