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UAE – The World Of Luxury Cars And Gold Gadgets

 Luxury cars made of gold Luxury and sports cars with gold body can be seen in the streets of Dubai. The Mercedes V10 Quad Turbo has a body made of white gold (body made of gold alloy sheet metal) World’s most expensive model car World’s most expensive model car Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 made from block of 500g solid block of gold was on sale in Dubai. Тhе starting price for the eventual auction was set at $7.5 million of which $650,000 for charity. Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 has V12 engine and…

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Top 10 Beaches In The Middle East

We’ve narrowed down the field of the Middle East’s diverse and abundant beaches to help you choose the spot to head on your Eid Holidays. We considered which beaches boast smooth sand, pleasant waters and high-quality tourist attractions to bring you this list of the best beaches in the Middle East. Read on to know if your favorite beach makes it to the top ten. 10. Emirates Palace Beach, Abu Dhabi, UAE Emirates Palace Beach, Abu Dhabi, UAE [Image from Flickr @dowzerr] With one of the most beautiful hotels in…

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How Dubai will look in 2030?

The ever-changing, homeland of world records and business capital of Middle-East city Dubai with a skyline – that’s constantly growing in the past three years alone the expansion has been rapid, but how will the Emirate look in 2030? In line with this, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is undertaking a massive addressing system project, changing the names of existing streets, forming new area clusters and districts, and naming them. “A total of more than 7,500 streets have been appointed for re-naming, out of which approximately 500 have already been…

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