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Just Arab Things – Series 02

Hope you enjoyed our previous post Just Arab Things – Series 01. Here we presenting you the second set of Poster collection (Series – 02) 01. Every family name has a written record. 02. I would be  a millionaire. 03. Natural Air re-freshener 04. Arab Talent 05. Wasta = influence/nepotism/clout 06. We’re always on-time 07. We party hard 08. World Cup fever. 09. Meanwhile in Khaleej 10. Pick up line for Arab Girls Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  

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Saudi Arabian Snowman – Collection

It doesn’t always snow in Saudi Arabia. But when it does, it’s a celebration for young generation. The bulk of the snow hit a town near the northern city of Tabuk last week and youth enjoyed the rare moment by building Snowmen. Unlike other part of the world, Snowmen made by Saudis reflecting their lifestyle and culture. Here we collected some of the images of Saudi Arabian Snowmen. Yalla sadeeq.. it’s chai time Bride and the Couple And some random people Because riding a real Camel is too mainstream Random warriors…

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