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Things that Arabs say but don’t really mean

We don’t mean what we say nor do we say what we mean. The Arab people mastered this art to mean what say but don’t say what they mean. This includes phrases you’ve been using as well and situations that you can relate to. In’sha Allah (If God wiling) What first comes to your mind when you hear what means ‘if God willing’ or hopefully, is that the person would keep his/her promise if God allowed. Sadly, some people say it as a polite way to decline your offer. Whenever you hear…

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Just Arab Things – Series 01

Here we presenting you the first set of Poster collection (Series – 01) 01. 3azooma and Arab Girls 02. Dubai is so expensive. 03. Khaleeji Pick-up line 04. Ya baba.. 05. Coffee cup = Fortune teller 06. Baba is right. Period 07. But it’s pretty hard to block my 45565365 cousins though. 08. Arab Nutella 09. 9/11 Effect 10. Arab Girls Problem Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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