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8 Things Girls Consider Before Buying Hijab

Unlike most people believe, a Hijab is not always black and boring. It can be beautiful and empowering. People all over the world, over on social media are sharing their stories and style tips for wearing the Hijab every day. In fact, modern Arabic women are incorporating new and upcoming fashion trends with the traditional Hijab to get the best of both worlds. But how do you arrive at a decision which Hijab to buy? Here is a list of eight things that most Arab girls consider before buying a…

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Spot the difference between the region’s Hijabi women

On our previous post, we showed you the Different Thobe styles across the GCC men. Today we present difference styles of Hijabi women across MENA and Afghan region. This simple guide from Brownbook illustrated by Peruvian Information Graphic Designer and illustrator Liz Ramos-Prado who based in Dubai can be helpful in giving you a rough idea of where someone is from  

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