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Best 30 Tweets of Trending Hashtag #GrowingUpArab

The Hashtag #GrowingUpArab has been trending on twitter. Since July 14th, thousands of Arab Tweeeps tweeted on the hashtag #GrowingUpArab. Many of them came up with humorous quotes, memes and jokes. Here we collected the best 30 tweets for you. 01. #GrowingUpArab and ur class start talking about 9/11 — ahmed esmail (@aesmail3) July 18, 2015 02. An upside down slipper gives me a little but of anxiety now. I have to flip it over!!! #GrowingUpArab — Common Arab Guy (@commonarabbguy) July 15, 2015 03. #GrowingUpArab watching your…

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Just Arab Things – Series 02

Hope you enjoyed our previous post Just Arab Things – Series 01. Here we presenting you the second set of Poster collection (Series – 02) 01. Every family name has a written record. 02. I would be  a millionaire. 03. Natural Air re-freshener 04. Arab Talent 05. Wasta = influence/nepotism/clout 06. We’re always on-time 07. We party hard 08. World Cup fever. 09. Meanwhile in Khaleej 10. Pick up line for Arab Girls Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  

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