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Saudi Arabian Snowman – Collection

It doesn’t always snow in Saudi Arabia. But when it does, it’s a celebration for young generation. The bulk of the snow hit a town near the northern city of Tabuk last week and youth enjoyed the rare moment by building Snowmen. Unlike other part of the world, Snowmen made by Saudis reflecting their lifestyle and culture. Here we collected some of the images of Saudi Arabian Snowmen. Yalla sadeeq.. it’s chai time Bride and the Couple And some random people Because riding a real Camel is too mainstream Random warriors…

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Know Your Thobe – Different styles across the GCC

Just moved to any of the GCC Country? Or have you been here a while but haven’t figured out how to determine where a person is from by the style of their thobe? Maybe you were in a meeting or walking through mall, and you noticed the variation in clothing between people. This simple guide from Brownbook illustrated by Liz Ramos-Prado can be helpful in giving you a rough idea of where someone is from. Kuwaiti kanduras, noted for their use of high quality material, feature a one button collar…

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