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10 Facts about Arab Culture

Arab is not a race or an ethnicity. It roughly refers to the people living in the Arabic world or the Middle Eastern countries. There are many facts about the rich Arab culture that everyone needs to know. Why? Because Arabians have a rich heritage and culture that has even found its mention in the bible. So some of the most important facts about the Arabian culture are as follows Honour is very important for an Arab A video posted by حمدي (@hamdy_s) on Dec 26, 2014 at 6:22am PST…

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10 Things You can Experience Only at an Arab Wedding

Arab weddings are known for their grandeur and over the top celebrations. You have experienced nothing if you have not experienced an Arab wedding. Arab weddings are fun and are exquisite in their own. Well, who does not want to experience the Middle Eastern charm in their grand wedding affairs? Be it the marriage of the sheikhs or of a common man, attending an Arab wedding must be on your to do list just because this can be a once in a lifetime experience. The Zaghareet The Zaghareet is a…

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