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10 Interesting Facts about Dubai

Dubai is one of the most populous city in the world and the second largest emirate of United Arab Emirates by territorial size after the capital, Abu Dhabi. Dubai is a unique destination that is both a dynamic business centre and a tourist paradise, offering more attractions, shopping, fine dining and quality hotels. Here are 10 interesting fact about Dubai you might not know.

01. 24% of the cranes on Earth are located in Dubai.

About 30,000, or 24 per cent of the world’s 125,000 construction cranes, are currently operating in Dubai, according to the organizers of the Conmex construction machinery exhibition.

02. Nearly 0% Crime rate

The crime rate in Dubai is very low. It’s nearly 0% across Dubai. Hence, Dubai is considered as one of the safest cities on earth. The law is so strict in Dubai. On the other hand, the people of Dubai are maintained with full of the morality.

03. City of tallest and biggest structures.

Dubai is the place of tallest and biggest structures. Biggest mall, tallest building, tallest offshore structure, the highest mosque, the highest restaurant, highest outdoor observation and highest nightclub, second largest man-made marina, and the world’s largest aquarium are located in Dubai.

04. 0% Income Tax

Yes you heard it right. One has so many opportunities to become rich and wealthy in Dubai. The residents of Dubai are not supposed to pay their personal income tax. So the income tax is totally 0%.

05. Only 15% of population are Emiratis

It is estimated that approximately 15 percent of Dubai’s population are Emiratis, while the other 85% are expatriates.

06. Dubai police has an entire fleet of Supercars

The Dubai police fleet includes Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador, Aston Martin One-77 and other Supercars to attract tourists.

07. Burj Khalifa residents living above the 80th floor should wait two additional minutes to break their fast

Muslims living in the world’s tallest tower will have to wait even longer to break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Residents living above the 80th floor should wait two additional minutes to break their dawn-to-dusk fast while those above the 150th floor must wait three extra minutes because they will be able to see the sun longer than those on the ground.

08. Revenue from oil contribute only 2% of Dubai GDP

Famous line of former Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum: “My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his son will drive a Land Rover, but his son will ride a camel” reflected his concern that Dubai’s oil, which was discovered in 1966, would run out within a few generations. He therefore worked to develop the economy of Dubai so that it could survive after the end of oil production.

09. Dubai is building a climate controlled City

Dubai is planning to build a climate controlled “city”, which is slated to be 4.45 km2 with air-conditioned boardwalks connecting the various sections of the vacation spot together.

10. Longest automated rail network in the world

The Dubai Metro system is the longest automated rail network in the world. Its 87 trains run without drivers. It was opened at 9 pm on 09/09/09 by HH Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


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