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10 Reasons Why We Want To See Qatar Hosting The FIFA World Cup

As avid soccer fans from the Middle East, it was quite sad seeing a large number of media outlets posting negative content about the FIFA World Cup due to be held in Qatar.


The problem with posts like these is that they only seem to focus on the negatives and more often than not, they are riddled with over exaggeration and misrepresentation of the Middle East as a whole. This is why we felt it was important for us to show the positive side of the story and that how having the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, is actually going to be one of the best editions of the coveted sporting event.

1. The stadiums are unlike what the world has ever seen!

Doha Port Stadium (Planned)
Doha Port Stadium (Planned)
Proposed stadiums for Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup bid
Proposed stadiums for Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup bid

2. In fact Qatar is building entirely new cities from scratch exclusively for the World Cup!

Lusail City, spread over 38 square kilometers, is master-planned to accommodate 200,000 residents (Image credit: venturesonsite.com)

3. It will be the first World Cup in the Region


2022 World Cup will be the first World Cup in the region (Asia/Middle East/North Africa) and Qatar is home to many different nationalities, with Qataris themselves only representing a minority. (Indian 23%, Nepalese 17%, Qatari 12%, Filipino 9%, Egyptian 8% and Others)

4. Arabs are some of the most hospitable people.

Enjoying-Arab-hospitality (1)
Image credit: tunisusa.com

5. Qatar is still relatively an unexplored destination for tourists from around the world.

Al Zubara Fort, Qatar (Image credit: qatartourismguide.com)
Al Zubara Fort, Qatar (Image credit: qatartourismguide.com)

6. If heat is an issue, the Qatar officials are offering to build stadiums with cooling systems!

image credit: inhabitat.com
image credit: inhabitat.com

7. The time zone in which Qatar is located will allow most FIFA fans from the East and the West to watch the matches without having to sacrifice their sleep.

image credit: worldtravelserver.com
image credit: worldtravelserver.com

8. The passion for football among locals here is at par with the Europeans and South Americans.


9. Qatar is the richest country in the World, according to many metrics. We can only imagine the spectacular event they will put for us!


11. Let’s not forget that it’s a “World Cup” and for a region that boasts of a huge number of football enthusiasts, it’s surprising that it hasn’t been hosted in the Middle East already.

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