10 Things You can Experience Only at an Arab Wedding

Arab weddings are known for their grandeur and over the top celebrations. You have experienced nothing if you have not experienced an Arab wedding. Arab weddings are fun and are exquisite in their own.
Well, who does not want to experience the Middle Eastern charm in their grand wedding affairs? Be it the marriage of the sheikhs or of a common man, attending an Arab wedding must be on your to do list just because this can be a once in a lifetime experience.

The Zaghareet

The Zaghareet

The Zaghareet is a strange ululation sound made by the Arab women when they usher in the bride and the groom. The uluing is a speciality of their weddings and is sure to drench you in their cultural exquisiteness. Well, you might also try your hand at it!

Dabke / Khubaiti / Raqs Sharqi

Dabke in Sham (Levant), Khubaiti Style Dances in Gulf countries and Raqs Sharqqi in Egypt and its neighbouring countries are some of the famous dance forms in Arab. These dance troops are usually hired in the Arab weddings to entertain the bride, groom and the guests. Watching these folk and locally famous dances can truly be the experience of a lifetime.

Beautiful henna designs

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On the night of the henna, the Arab women all deck the hands and feet of the bride in beautiful henna patterns. Though wearing mehendi is also a part of some other wedding traditions too, Arab henna patterns are very rich and beautiful. It is good to experience it at the place of its origin, isn’t it?

The food

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No wedding can be complete without food and it is more true in the event of Arab weddings. You will get to experience some of the best of the Arab cuisines that will just cause you to beg for more.

The gifts

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Arabs are naturally very fond of giving extravagant gifts. This is most evident in their wedding where you can see the bride and the groom getting some of the most insane gifts ever. Well, if you are lucky to be at a sheikh’s wedding, you might spot a gold plated Lamborghini gift!

Arab music

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Well, you haven’t experienced anything until you have danced to the tunes of the feet tapping Arab music. Usually a local band is hired who play and entertain the guests with the traditional arab music. Arab music is generally as grand as the hearts of the people over there and you will get to experience a lot of great Arab music while you are at one of the Arab weddings.

The traditional Arabian garb

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Have you ever wanted to watch the Arabian nights unfold right in front of your eyes? Well, here is your chance. Watching the Arabian men and women clothed in some of the best of their blingy traditional attire, might just make you feel as if you have stepped into the pages of a fairy tale. Marriages are usually considered by women to be a fashion show where there is a competition to be the best model of the lot.


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Always heard of the infamous Arabian sheesha but never got the opportunity to try it? Well, here is your chance. Arab wedding parties usually have sheesha arrangements where you can have a go at it. P.S. remember that smoking a sheesha is equivalent to several cigarettes.



If you are a guy and are lucky enough to be a part of the Sahra, then prepare yourself to have the time of your life. Sahra is a celebration made by the groom’s friends all night long and it is really spectacular. Be ready to dance through the night to fabulous Arabian music.


Teen-Daughter-Mom[image from]

Mahr is actually a form of dowry, which the groom pays his bride before the wedding night in order to honour her and her family. In most of the cases, the amount is decided by the bride’s father and hence is demanded. Well, if you are lucky to witness the proceedings then you might get to see some of the most exquisite pieces of traditional Arab jewellery being given away.

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