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10 Traditional Arab Dishes

If you are a food lover, you will like this article. Being in the MENA region is a great chance for anyone to try one or two of these dishes. Whether you like salty, sour, sweet or spicy dishes, you have to try one of these flavor-rich dishes. Whether it is a main dish or a salad dish, you have to try one of these.

The Palestinian Falafel

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Though it is a Palestinian in origin, it is now found in many Arab countries so you will not miss it wherever you are. A fried ball of grinded chickpeas with salads and pickles wrapped with bread is the perfect sandwich to try in MENA.

The Iraqi Masgoof

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A dish of freshwater fish grilled in a special Baghdadi way on a willow tree wood fire. It is the perfect dish for you when visiting Baghdad. The Masgoof is usually found near Tigris (Dijla) and Euphrates (Furat) riverbanks yet the recipe spread recently to the neighboring countries.

Kubbah Halabiyah

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A Syrian Halabi dish made of grinded meat, spices wrapped with a special kneading made of grinded boiled rice then fried in boiling oil. Kubbah has a special flavor and smell; it is the perfect combination of flavors from the Shami cuisine.

Saudi Kabsah

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It is a Saudi mix of meat and rice yet it is very different in shape, texture, and flavor from the Kubbah. You will be astonished by the variants that can be produced from meat and rice.

Jordanian Bread with Thyme

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Its Arabic name is Khubz bil Zaatar. It is a very delicious pastry especially when added to olives, olive oil, and cheese. It can be the perfect teatime meal.

Fool Midamis

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The Arabic name is Fool Midamis. It is an Egyptian famous meal that can be found everywhere in Egypt. It is made of beans, spices, vegetable oil, and certain types of vegetables and it is called midamis (covered) due to the way it is cocked. It is perfect with the Egyptian Aish (bread).

The Lebanese Tabbouleh

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A Lebanese vegetarian dish made of finely chopped vegetables and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice and salt. It can be a main dish or a side dish; it is up to you to decide. It is delicious in both cases.

Moroccan Mihanisha

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A North African Morocan dish prepared by mixing boiled spaghetti, sea meat or chicken meat, boiled potatoes and vegies then prepared with other ingredients and finally wrapped with a very thin-layered dough and baked. It is a delicious Moroccan meal.

Algerian Shakhsokha

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A grilled Tray of boiled egg, boiled potatoes, chicken, and vegies bottomed with a thin layer of dough. It is a dish served in very special occasion and you will be lucky to be invited to share some.

Omani Halwa


The Omani Halwa is a special dish to be served due to its expensive ingredients and hard way of cocking. It is both sweet and delicious.

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