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11 Stupid Questions Arabs Ask, But Has No Answer

The Arabian society is full of humor, but sometimes they manage to ask a few questions that actually have no answer depending on the situation they are being asked at! I will be discussing some of these awkward questions with you. Let me know if any of you actually have an answer to it!

1. Are you home? “(Enta Geet?/Enta Egeet?)

This question is regularly asked when you enter your home and someone in the house asks you “Are you home?” Of course I am home, or is it my ghost? There is no accurate answer for this question, it’s like can’t you see me? I am standing right in front of you, why are you asking me if I am home.

2. Are you sleeping? (Enta Nayem?/Enta Na3san?)

This question is asked a lot in the Arabian society specially when you are actually asleep and can’t answer them! They keep asking you “Are you sleeping?” Of course I am sleeping, can’t you see my eyes are closed and I am actually IN BED!

3. Are you awake? (Enta Se7eet?/Enta Faye2?)

This is one of the dumbest questions of them all, especially when it’s asked after you wake up and prepare your breakfast! Someone comes and asks you “Are you awake?” No I am not, this just a hologram of me, the real me is still sleeping in bed! C’mon people ask a real question in a real situation.

4. Are you going out? (Enta Khareg?/Enta Tale3?)

The Arabs ask this question when you are actually at the step of the door to go out, and someone comes and ask you “Are you going out?” No I am not; I am just trying to see if the doors knob is working or not! Of course I am going out, I am not fully dressed to sniff the door!

5. Are you taking a shower? (Enta Betesta7ama?/Etna Btt7mm?)

This question is regularly asked when you’re actually in the bathroom, half naked, and shower is open, then someone comes and knocks the door asking “are you taking a shower?” No I am not taking a shower, I am checking if the water drops has a sound or not if it falls on my naked body. What the hell is that question? Can’t you hear the shower? For god sake of course I am taking a shower, not having a party with demons in the bathroom.

6. Are you sick? (Enta 3ayan?/Enta Ta3ban?)

This question is always asked when you’re so ill that you can’t even move, and then someone annoying comes and asks you “Are you sick?” No, I am not sick at all, I am just sneezing and coughing because I like to. For god sake of course I am sick, I am in bed and I can’t breathe, not just to pretend that I am not okay!

7. Are you cold? (Enta Sa23an?/Enta Bardan?)

They will always ask that question when you’re under a million blankets shivering, and then they come to ask you “Are you cold?” No, in fact it’s too hot in here, why don’t you open a window because the blankets are not giving me enough air! Of course I am feeling cold, I am shivering under a million blankets, are you even reasonable for asking such a question?

8. Are you injured? (Enta Met3awar?/Enta Magroo7?)

They will always ask you that question when you’re actually injured and bleeding, then they will come asking you “Are you injured?” No, I am not; this is fake blood, because I love scaring people acting injured. Are you serious guys? Of course I am injured, the injury just happened in front of your eyes, and the blood is very obvious! Why are you even asking me that? Just call for help for god sake.

9. Are you studying? (Enta Btzaker?/Enta Btdros?)

This question is by far the most annoying one, because no one likes to study, but when we do we are already feeling annoyed, then someone comes and annoys us even more asking “Are you studying?” No, I just like the colors of the books, so I am observing it. What else would I be doing Holding a pen and a book! Please think before you ask such as stupid questions.

10. Are you eating? (Enta Btakol?/Enta 3m Takol?)

Is that even a question when you’re actually holding a sandwich and half of it is already being chewed in your mouth? What else would I be doing holding a sandwich? Would I be observing the beautiful curves of the sandwich? Are you even serious asking such a question? Because I think by far this is the dumbest question of them all.

11. Where are you? (Enta Feen?/Wenek?)

This question might not be stupid at all, but it is when you’re calling someone from a landline and then they ask you “Where are you?” Of course I am home, does landlines walk nowadays?

This is the top 11 question you’ll ever hear, living in an Arabian Society.

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