11 Things Every Arab Has In Their Home

01. Gold encrusted Tea set

Mama will pulls out only when you have relatives over. Strictly not allowed for home use.

Gold encrusted tea set

02. Half a Lemon in your Refrigerator

Ever wondered why there is a half a lemon in the fridge? It’s for natural air refreshment. Yeah.. Mama science.

half a lemon in your fridge

03. Lipton black/green tea

Unless you’re Moroccan.


04. Olive and Pickle Jars

No matter what, You’ll have the stock for a month.

Olive and Pickles

05. Bhakoor

Because we love fragrance.

06. Keffiyeh Scarfs

The traditional scarf that you take as a symbol of your heritage.

07. Canned Chickpeas

For your hummus and foul recipes.

08. Watering Can

You’ll find this can at your bathroom.

09. Two living rooms

Well decorated one for guests (you’re not allowed to enter). Other one is for domestic use.

10. Shisha/Hookah

Some might not have this, but available in most of Arab household.

11. Music records of Om Kalthoum or Fayroz

Cassette, CD/DVD or in any formats

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