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6 Things We Do On The Causeway To Bahrain

For anyone living in the Eastern Province of the country, the Saudi-Bahrain Causeway is an all-together familiar struggle. From the past few years, the Causeway has become a topic of many conversations and debates. We never miss an opportunity to offer our 2 cents on what can be done to improve the situation. All plans are centered around avoiding the peak-hour traffic. In fact, the Saudi-Bahrain Causeway is a hot topic of discussion even in the MENA Economic Forum (we kid, off course. But you get the severity of the situation).

Granted – getting stuck in the Causeway for about 3 hours is a pain. En-route to our much awaited weekend getaway, here is a list of things that become mandatory to-do on the Causeway (Caution: 5 out of the 6 points here are traffic-related!)

1. Picnicking

In the time before Cineplex’s and water parks, we used to take our picnic hampers, our bicycles, tricycles, roller blades, skates and our visiting relatives to the Causeway. Our visitors were especially fascinated by the revolving hotel. How cool were we?

Causeway To Bahrain

2. Speculating

When on the Causeway, everyone becomes a speculator, a trend-analyst or a fortune-teller. We predict which lines might open up, which line has the diligent-working officer, which line has a lazy officer, which line is moving faster and which line would be best to enter or “charge” into. Some people employ the speculating skills of their wives…because wives know all, off course!


3. Tailgating

Everyone knows that you should not leave an inch of space between your car and the car in front of you. Because, what if that car on your left tries to cut in? No way!

4. Cutting into line

Nothing is as frustrating as sitting around for an hour only to have someone cut into your line and move ahead of you. Yep, everyone is against jumping the queue, but everyone ends up doing it anyway. Have you ever forced your wife to stick out her hand and ask for way from the car on the right side? You sneaky thing!

Cutting into line

5. Transforming into a road monster

Sit in 3 hours of traffic and you will transform into a road monster. Your true character comes out in way of loud and constant honking. The Causeway is one such place where we get ample opportunity to use our dictionary of cuss words. If voice cannot travel so far, we use hand gestures.


6. Just chill

To cool down your nerves and temper, the last thing you can do is step out of your car and just chill by the side. Some people step out of their buses and vans, sit by the grass and just chill. Not really giving a hoot. After all, you will get there when you have to get there, right?

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