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6 Type of Arab Family Members By Their Favorite Channels

If you are an Arab or know an Arab family, you can find in every Arab family those standard six members, and you can deny neither that they are there in every family, nor that you have seen one of them.

The Kids (3 to 9)


The little kids who are addicted to animation and cartoons watch MBC 3 and Spacetoon almost all the day. They are mesmerized in front of the TV set all day long. Of course, kids will copycat their favorite heroes and try to do some heroic actions; my little advice to you is to keep an eye on them all the time.


The teenager boys and young men (10 – 28)


The teenager boys and young men who are great fans of football and sports watch BeIn Sport. Of course, you cannot escape the highly tensioned discussions over which team is better than the other, especially when it comes to derby matches and the Classicos. Do not forget to bring your beverages, popcorn and snacks along. They will be very long two hours.


The teenager and young girls (10 – 28)


The teenager and young girls who watch MBC Action. No heroes can fail to win the attention of these teenage girls. A detective, a soldier, or an agent is always a prince charming; you cannot deny how charming they can be. Probably she will like a bunch of heroes at the same time.


The Man of the house (35 – 55)


The Man of the house who watches Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera news channels. Without having the time or the ability to go to the café and to get along with friends, nothing can be more interesting to the man of the house than watching NEWS. What is happening here and there is the concern of a grownup especially if it is nearby.


The Mother(35 – 55)


The Mother who watches MBC and Fatafeat. What can be more important for the lady of the house than her elegance, beauty and the health of her family. She will try hard to take care of her beauty, personal health and her family’s health, which are of great deal of interest, not to mention the importance of knowing food recipes to amuse her family with a great dish during family gatherings. What is more fun for a lady than being always in the spotlight.


The Grandparents (55+)


The Grandparents who watch Al Sunna Al Nabawiya. Old timers can find religion and stories of ancestors a bit interesting. Only miracles and divine deeds of prophets and great men of religion can amuse the wisdom of old age. Surely, they will gather you to tell you the stories they like, with extra spicing of course.

Can you tell us which one of those you are?

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