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8 Historic Attractions You Never Thought They exist in Arab Region

If you are a fan of Arab Region heritage, you will like at least one of those 8 attractions. History, beauty, art, and artifacts are found here. If you visit the MENA region, or you are residing there and never been in one of those places, Being Arab team advice you to visit the nearest one of those places. It is a journey worth of a lifetime. These attractions shows the greatness ofthe culture and architecture in MENA region.

Ishtar Gate or Babylon Gate

Babylon Gate in Iraq (image from crystalinks.com)

The original Ishtar gate is found in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin still you can find a typical imitation of the gate in Babil Governorate in Iraq. The Gate is dyed in blue and ornamented with the figures of dragons and Aurochs of the ancient city of Babylon.


Beqaa valley in Lebanon (Image from )
Beqaa valley in Lebanon (Image from flickr)

The Old city of Baalbek in Beqaa valley in Lebanon is 2300 to 2500 year-old. Whether you are a lover of old heritage or a lover of art, you will not feel bored; you can visit the old city or attend its annual festival. In addition, you can meet the nice people of the city, and what is better than having one more friend.

Meroe Pyramids of Sudan

Meroe Pyramids, Sudan
Meroe Pyramids, Sudan (Image from oasisoverland.co.uk)

All have heard about the Giza pyramids, but who have heard of the Meroe pyramids in Halfa valley in Sudan. They are smaller than those in Giza but there is so many of them.


Blue Pearl in Morocco (Image from jamesclear.com)
Blue Pearl in Morocco (Image from jamesclear.com)

If you were a great fan of the color blue, definitely you would love to visit Chefchaouen, also known as Chaouen, or the Blue Pearl in Morocco. What can be more amazing than a city with shades of blue. Do not forget to meet the people there, and of course do not forget to grab you a souvenir from there.

Oasis of Yemen

Oasis of Yemen (Image from mashable.com)
Oasis of Yemen (Image from mashable.com)

Many have heard of Yemen but no one can imagine the beauty found there. Architectural and natural arts of work are found there alike. A valley, an ancient city, and an oasis are all there in one place. Definitely, it is worth visiting.

Petra City

Petra, Jordan (Image from thefella.com)
Petra, Jordan (Image from thefella.com)

All have heard of Petra in Jordan, still no one can imagine the beauty there. It is not only a city but also a treasure chest of ornaments and sculptures. Do not miss the scene of the city lit with fire torches during night.

Wall of Jabreen Castle

Jabreen Castle, Oman

The Omani 350 year-old Yarubi castle is a place worth visiting especially it overlooks a field of palm trees and a mountain chain. You will like the view there.

M’zab Architecture of Algeria


All have heard of the Sahara yet who can imagine that there is such a fine architecture there. A traditional habitat from the 10th century is the perfect attraction for you to visit especially that it is built over rocks with simple tools and raw materials.

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