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8 Things Girls Consider Before Buying Hijab

Unlike most people believe, a Hijab is not always black and boring. It can be beautiful and empowering. People all over the world, over on social media are sharing their stories and style tips for wearing the Hijab every day. In fact, modern Arabic women are incorporating new and upcoming fashion trends with the traditional Hijab to get the best of both worlds.

But how do you arrive at a decision which Hijab to buy? Here is a list of eight things that most Arab girls consider before buying a Hijab, and maybe you can get a little bit of help too.

Does it conform to Islamic guidelines?

image credit: somali-hijabi.tumblr

It is very important that your Hijab be according to the rules of Islam or else, it would be considered flouting of traditional and pious conventions. If you are not sure, talk to an elder of the family who wears a Hijab and has knowledge about it, before making your decision. You can learn the Hijab Basics from here.

Is the Hijab comfortable?

image credit: buzzfeed
image credit: buzzfeed

Remember, it is you who have to wear the Hijab that you will buy, so do not blindly buy anything that your friends or anyone else may suggest. Always factor in what the how well it fits you. If you are not satisfied, chuck it aside.

What is the fabric?

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Fabric plays a huge part in making you feel comfortable in your Hijab. Light and airy materials like pure cotton are best, especially during the summer. But silk Hijabs are sleek and elegant and up the fashion factor. Check this article for Tips on choosing the right fabrics hijab

How long will it last me?


Yes, we all know that a single Hijab won’t last you a lifetime, but it is always good to make sure that you get your money’s worth and that if you are paying good amount for it, you might as well be able to wear it for a long time.

Does it look good on me?

image credit: youtube/nabiilabee
image credit: youtube/nabiilabee

This is the tricky part, because some of us may not be sure of which ones suit us. If you are confused, don’t be afraid to ask some of your friends or family members to go with you when you are buying Hijabs.

Where can I wear it?


Utility is also an important thing to consider when you are buying yourself a Hijab. Not all types of Hijabs can be worn everywhere. For instance, it is always advised that you reserve the bright colored or intricately designed ones for special occasions like parties or weddings. Office Hijabs look best in muted colors.

What sort of outfits can I pair with it?

image credit: maysoonhamad@instagram
image credit: maysoonhamad@instagram

This is a very important question because your entire look can be either done or undone if your clothes and Hijab do not complement one another. You can look up various tips for this and also look at some tutorials to put on a Hijab with an outfit.

Can I return it?

Like any other piece of clothing, you may like the Hijab when you are buying it, but dislike it when you try it on. For this reason, make sure that the ones you buy, are returnable.

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