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9 Arab Singers Most Arabs Like

Being a fan of Arab art, you must have come across one of those 9 figures and absolutely you like one of them

Um Kalthoum

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The Egyptian star and the Kawkab El Sharq(Planet of Orient). With such a deep voice and exact tones, no one can deny her superiority and that is what led to her fame and status. Her fans are of all ages and she is still winning hearts even that she is no more with us.


Abdul Haleem Hafidh

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The Egyptian Andalib (Nightingale). His charming voice and romantic songs won him the hearts of teenage girls and grownup women alike. His songs work like confessions of love for many couples.


Fareed Al Atrash

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The Syrian Egyptian star. His magical voice and performance led him to his status amongst his contemporaries. His sincere words and lyrics made him a leading figure at his time.



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The Lebanese star. Thousands of people begin their day with a song or two of hers, while others can tell time when hearing her songs. She had and still have a complete hour reserved for her songs. She crossed the limits to become a lifestyle.



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The Lebanese star and Al Shahroura (Blackbird). Her archive of hundreds of movies and songs can be considered part of the Lebanese history. No one denies that theyenjoyed listening to one of her songs.


Kadim El Sahir

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The Iraqi star and the Qaisar (Caesar) of Arab singing. A true gentleman and the first Iraqi singer to gain a worldwide fame. His songs, lyrics, and music are masterpieces in his time. The love poems he sings captivated the hearts of all women and made it hard for lovers to amuse girls with simple refined words.


Amr Diab

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The Egyptian pop star and Al Hadaba (the highland). His charming look and his voice made him an example for youths. He is the one about whom all agree.


Sabir El Robaey

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The Tunisian star. The Prince of Arab singing. With his deep voice, he travelled in time from the world of classics into our world. He succeeded in winning the hearts of thousands and millions of fans. That is the less a prince can do.


Assi El Helani

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When there is a Caesar, and a prince, there must be a knight. The Lebanese star and the Faris (Knight) of Arabic song. What can be more chivalrous than a knight on a back of a horse speaking in charming voice and amusing words?!

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