9 Old Things Found In Every Arab Grandparents’ House

Those nine things will take you to the time when you were a kid. Absolutely you have seen one of those old-timers things in your grandparents’ house:

1. A classic clock


It might be older than you. What is better than an old clock that keeps time and saves memories?! Its unique tic-tac sound and ringing bell are works of art that can stand above all the digital stuff nowadays.

2. An Old cigarette box


It is the place where your grandfather used to hide the cigarettes away from your hands. Neither paper no plastic bags; it is made of genuine wood carved by skillful carpenters. A box that kept the smoking manly breaths of the ancestors.

3. Simawar


An old item used to be a shiny water-boiler. None of tea or coffee cups were made without this shining figure. It witnessed many family gatherings, maybe more than anyone else did.

4. Hawan


A classic grinder. You will need a lot of power to grind some grains here. Spies and grains were the victims of this heavy weighed grinder. It is both shining and powerful.

5. A classic dusty sewing machine


It is even older than World War I. A classic Singer sewing machine that helped sewing many and many torn clothes, and witnessed the artistry of talented tailors.

6. A handy beater

It can be handy sometimes. No electricity, no problem, your milkshake and your yogurt drinks will always be ready as far as this handy tool is there.

7. Jawan


A wooden classic grinder. Even older than the Hawan. No Hawan, no worries, we still have a Jawan to grind spies and grains. A long wooden handle to save you the efforts.

8. Sifirtas


An old school food keeper. You are travelling, in a picnic or in the work. You will not feel hungry if you have this food keeper. It also has three stories to keep your three favorite dishes warm for you. No spilling nor stained clothes with this keeper.

9. Golibdanat


An old school kind of essence cans. Rose liquid perfume is kept there and be spilled on beloveds and dear visitors to express appreciation. It is a kind of warm greeting. You cannot say no to a rose based perfume.

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