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Driving in Arab countries is an interesting experience. Here’s how to do it.

Whether it’s your first time driving in Arab countries or you’re an Arab driver, you’ll find things you can relate to.

Take the cab

Driving in Arab countries gazettenet[Image from: gazettenet.com]

Arab taxi drivers know all parts of their states. You can consider cabs fast and comfortable rides when you’re late for work. Also they’re great talkers ; they know almost everything from politics to late news from hours and hours of listening to their radios and local clients.


Cut down on using your horn

[Image from: aawsat.com]

It gets crowded at certain times and honking your horn only makes other drivers eager to join the orchestra. Take the time to enjoy a good day. Try to keep yourself entertained with the car radio or sightseeing to get through the traffic.


Read the signs

Driving in Arab countries wikipedia[Image from: wikipedia.com]

Long and seemingly endless highways usually have thousands of connectors to link cities through a major road. It is common to get lost in the process but a little attention to the signs on the right side of the road will get you a way back.


Accept compliments.. and criticism

emi (Copy)[Image from: wattpad.com]

While some drivers greet you through their car window, others don’t like it when you cut them off. Arab drivers being familiar with these situations will instantly hit the brakes but let loose a stream of praise about your driving. Learn what angers drivers and avoid violating the code.


Shops along the sidewalks

Driving in Arab countries alloftunisia[Image from: alloftunisia.com]

You’ll never run out of your snacks and cigarettes. You can pull over to the side of the road and fill your supplies.


Tune your radio frequency and try various channels

Driving in Arab countries car radio

You’ll appreciate the amount of entertainment provided by local radio stations. Whether you’re in need of a song to set your mood or a quick source of news and information, arab radios please all preferences. You’ll be up-to-date with weather, and roads having less traffic.


Driving through living streets will teach you patience

Driving in Arab countries egyptmonocle[Image from: egyptmonocle.com]

You can’t drive a minute without lifting your feet off the brakes. Streets are crowded with pedestrians day and night. This teaches you tolerance and acceptance that you’ll never be on time if you take that turn.


Highway patrol officers are there for your safety

Driving in Arab countries drivearabia[Image from: drivearabia.com]

Unlike their Western counterparts, highway patrol police are not there to fine you and write tickets. They flash their lights kindly asking you to pull over and tell you that it’s for your best sake to not exceed the speed limit then leave you with a nice souvenir.


Opportunity to see that new car from the commercial ads

Driving in Arab countries slashgear[Image from: Google Street view]

Most arab drivers are big fans of pricy sports cars. You’ll find them wherver you go. Don’t forget to grab your cameras or smartphones for a quick photo.. and keep your eyes on the road.


Friendly and healthy environment

Driving in Arab countries tripadvisor[Image from: tripadvisor.com]

Arab drivers are generally friendly with others with a mutual respect. They’ll fix your mechanical issues and give you directions when you need help. They consider keeping their roads clean their utmost priority.

Driving differs from a country to another, but that’s not the case for the Arab world. You must give it a try.

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