Laboratory Technologist - UAEN - #24811

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Date: 2 weeks ago
City: Abu Dhabi
Contract type: Full time


Performs clinical tests in anyone of or a combination of areas of specialization depending on the size and scope of the laboratory activity. Maybe assigned to or receiving supervision from Chief Technician.


  • Performing the work which is assigned, ensuring that it meets all standards as required by ISO 15189:2012.
  • Performs biological, hematological, chemical, or physical analysis and determinations at the direction of professional staff.
  • Performs physical, bacteriological, chemical, or serological tests on a variety of samples including blood, sputum, urine, water and tissues at the direction of professional staff.
  • Operates and maintains sophisticated instruments and equipment used in the division, is able to properly maintain, operate and shut down such instruments. Maintains competence in Laboratory Information System that is crucial to the quality operations of the laboratory and patient care.
  • Operates and maintains scientific instruments, including, but not limited to pH meters, spectrophotometers, electrophoresis apparatuses, chromatography apparatuses, immunoassay analyzers, cell counters, analytical balances, and autoclaves.
  • Prepares chemical reagents and biological media according to formulae; assumes responsibility for accuracy in the preparation and standardization of solutions. Follows required aseptic techniques in dispensing base media.
  • Prepares slides and makes microscopic observations.
  • Collects blood specimens and analyzes them for sugar, sedimentation rate, type, bacteria cultures, and bacteria identification.
  • Performs such blood counts as red cell, hemoglobin, differential, platelet, retics, and sickle cell.
  • Makes complete urinalyses, including qualitative and quantitative sugar, specific gravity and albumin.
  • Carries out biochemical analyses and determinations such as liver function, thyroid function, blood sugars, renal function, and cardiac function at the direction of professional staff.
  • Performs biochemical tests and analyses using electrophoresis or chromatography.
  • Prepare tissue for microscopic examination by pathologists
  • Should participate in QC/QI for area of specialty and Lab indicators. Should not report patient results unless quality control data are within accepted parameters. Should be able to recognize out of control values, takes corrective action, and notify others of changes.
  • Should maintain a positive working relationship with the medical staff and hospital personnel and use positive interpersonal skills to support the lab’s customers. Should use clear and concise verbal and written communication with staff and the public.
  • Acts independently on supervisor’s direction and accepts responsibility of the adopted policy and procedures of the hospital and the laboratory.
  • Responsible for accurately completing records and reports. Should follow laboratory policy for data retrieval, record keeping, and specimen identification procedures.
  • Share call duty and works different shifts as required.


  • Work in all shifts as scheduled by the Head of Department.
  • Strictly adheres to organization’s regulations and policies especially those related to infection control, patient safety, OSHAD, DOH, JCI and ISO.
  • Supports Continuous Quality Improvement and participates and contributes to all the quality assurance activities of the service.
  • Participates and contributes in scheduled in-service training programs.
  • Exercises effective interpersonal skills in dealings with department staff, associates and Management.
  • Maintains confidentiality as per the agreement signed.
  • Demonstrates the ability to listen to others in promoting effective communication.
  • Develops thorough understanding of policies and procedures of the hospital and demonstrates respect for them.
  • Carries out other duties when requested by the Head of department.

General OSH Responsibilities, Authority and accountabilities of the position includes:

  • Familiarize themselves and comply with all OSH and Infection Control policies, standards and procedures that are relevant for their workplace
  • Work in accordance with the documented occupational, safety and health procedures and instructions, specific responsibilities defined in individual procedures and instructions.
  • Use of appropriate personal protective equipment and safety systems and follow safe working procedures
  • Be familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Not willfully or recklessly endanger anyone's health and safety. Take reasonable care for the health and safety of persons that may be affected by the employee’s acts or omissions at the workplace.
  • Assist with the preparation of risk assessments
  • Attend applicable departmental safety training and follow OSHMS policies and procedures.
  • Take reasonable care of their own health and safety
  • Cooperate with their employer with respect to any action taken by the employer to comply with OSHMS requirements.
  • Notify supervisor or Department Safety facilitator of any hazards, health and safety mishaps or incidents within or outside their area of work.

Task Specific OSH Responsibilities, Authority and accountabilities of the position includes:

  • Identify, label and maintain hazardous materials, MSDS and its current inventory
  • Proper collection, Storage and disposal of needle, sharps and hazardous materials as per NMCSH Waste management policy
  • Ensure the safe use of all laboratory equipment such as BSC, Microtome, Stainer, autoclave, centrifuge as per manufacturer instruction
  • Must be familiar with the concept of hazard and bio hazardous materials, safe handling of bio hazardous materials present in the working section.
  • Must be familiar with ergonomic, sharps and biological hazards in work area and how to handle them.
  • Should be familiar with MSDS to determine health hazards, and routes of exposures for chemicals

Know the CODE Brown policy and other applicable laboratory policies and procedures


  • B.Sc. in Medical Technology or Clinical Laboratory Science or equivalent qualification requiring not less than 3 years training course. M.Sc. / Post Graduate from an accredited program leading to registration with ASCP/CSMLS or equivalent.
  • Not less than two (2) years of Medical Laboratory experience for Bachelor degree holders. If Post Graduate / M.Sc then one (1) year of Medical Laboratory experience is enough.
  • Have a valid DOH license / Eligibility to practice in Abu Dhabi UAE.
  • Proficient technology application skills; Basic MS Office (Word, Excel, & Power point) MS Outlook & Internet explorer skills.
  • Must have an exceptional interpersonal skills, maturity, good judgment and be capable of communicating in a professional manner with diverse range of individuals; superior phone etiquette skills
  • Patient focused; service oriented; patient & understanding.
  • Efficient organizational skills; ability to handle multiple responsibilities under pressure while maintaining composure
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Reliable, punctual, dependable, and responsive.
  • Excellent command of oral and written English.

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