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Know Your Thobe – Different styles across the GCC

Just moved to any of the GCC Country? Or have you been here a while but haven’t figured out how to determine where a person is from by the style of their thobe?

Maybe you were in a meeting or walking through mall, and you noticed the variation in clothing between people.

This simple guide from Brownbook illustrated by Liz Ramos-Prado can be helpful in giving you a rough idea of where someone is from.

Kuwaiti kanduras, noted for their use of high quality material, feature a one button collar with a slim fit. Omani kanduras are collarless with short loose tassles attached just above the breast. Often colourful.


Bahraini kanduras are loose fitting with a soft shirt collar. They feature occasional details like shirt pockets. The material of a Qatari kandura is often shiny and occasionally has a long and stiff tassel or shirt pocket.


Emirati kanduras have no collar. They have a long loose tassel and matching embroidery on the sleeves. Saudi kanduras are tight fit with a two button collar with shirt sleeves made to have cufflinks.

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