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Outrage on social media as video shows Saudi citizen beating expat worker in public

A brutal video showing a Saudi Nationality publicly bashing an expatriate worker in the Saudi Arabian city of Buraidah has caused outrage among social network users.
The video posted on the YouTube on Sunday become viral on social media networks. It is not clear from the video why the Saudi was beating the worker.

Reactions to the incident were divided, with many calling for the Saudi Citizen to be punished severely while others said the circumstances surrounding the incident should be studied before reaching a conclusion. However, Take the law into own hands and beating someone inhumanly is totally unacceptable.

One citizen commented on Twitter: “I don’t know what was the problem between them, but what is regrettable is that you see an inhumane act and keep silent.”

“May Allah wrest the worker’s right from his enemy. This incident should not pass unnoticed,” wrote another, who identified himself as Abu Ghazi.

Fahd Al-Shehri commented: “We demand the government to speedily arrest this cruel individual.”

Turki madhi commented: “Dear non-saudi commentators, this guy doesnt represent us ok! one mistake doesnt cancel all the good treating towards non-saudi workers, be fair everybody do mistakes dont be so judgemental!”

Eid Al-Dhufairi said: “Black Americans in the US are being kicked around under laws that sanctify freedom and dignity. Despite this, we must not generalize.”

If you know more information about this incident, let us know in the comments below.


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