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Q&A: Amr Maskoun

I bet you all know the Syrian young man whose vines mesmerized many Arabs. We do not need to mention that he is one of the most successful underage Arab Viners nowadays. His funny criticizing vines made him a great contester for older Viners. Without further ado, the rising talent Amr Maskoun.

What can be more suitable to begin this lovely conversation than asking you to introduce yourself! It really bugs me that I do not know how old are you? Not only me, in fact everyone else feels the same.

I’m 17 years old.

Back then, when you made your first Vine, what made you do it? What brought the idea into your mind?

I was so depressed after our family separate led because of what’s happening in Syria, two of us in France, three of us in Istanbul and my dad is in Syria so I felt loneliness back then so I decided to do something to cheer people up, change their moods because I realized that I’m not the only one who suffered and still suffering because of the bad news we’re hearing everyday.

After that, what made you continue Vining? Was it the popularity your first Vine gained, or something else?

Actually I was shocked when I saw my followers after the first vine but NO my main reason was to bring that smile back to their faces because they deserve it ! I didn’t and still don’t care about numbers and popularity.

After all these successful Vines, which one is the closest to your heart? I mean, which one you prefer?

I prefer (Indian movies be like , I forgot my English) vines.

Indian movies be like 😂😭😂 الأفلام الهندية 😂😂 Tag your friends yallah👉👉

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Mmmmmm, does Vining affect your study?

Not at all because I do vines when I’m completely free, nothing bothers my daily schedule.

Now, we know about your Vines and your study, we would like to know how long it takes you to prepare a vine. From topic-pick to publishing.

Well… It differs sometimes it takes 30 min , sometimes about 2 hours and sometimes up to two days ( depends on the topic ).

Who is the favorite person who appeared in vines? And why?

Lele pons, because I was impressed by how amazing, funny and talented she is.

Can you tell us about your vine with Yara Yousef? Do you think you can repeat this experience?

Actually we made 2 vines but honestly i won’t do it again.

Amr, what can you tell us about your talent of using girly voice in many of your Vines. Why is that?

Mmm, first: actually I came up with the mum character ( Om tahsen ) and I liked it and this what differs me , besides I do a lot of two-charactered vines ( girl & her boyfriend etc… )
Second: I can do a lot of impressions ( Arab & foreign celebrities ) so this is my talent why not using it!

Do you know the exact number of vines you made so far?

167 vines.

What about your parents? Do they support you? What Vines the like?

My parents have always been there for me and the my always say ” keep going at least you’re not wasting your time smoking or doing haram things ” they have never proud of me like that before.

Do you remember any funny situation with your fans?

Yes , I do

I was walking on the street and a girl was with her mum and her big brother , she screamed loudly when she saw me ” Amrrrrrr” her mum was shocked and her brother stared at me I was so embarrassed then she ran away saying nothing.

A word about your experience with Dania in Social Weedia?

It was fun actually as my first radio interview.

What are your plans after finishing your study?

Working on new things, apply my imitation talent somewhere & somehow, improving my acting skills much more.

Do you believe that the topics of your Vines are affecting the audience? If yes, how is that?

Yes , my fans always tell me that like I met hundreds of them their mums always say that I’m showing their life in a comedy way in 15 seconds.

We are almost done here. I have a couple of questions left. Did Vine fame open doors and offered you opportunities in your life. I mean, is life easier with the fame?

Yes, it did and it is.

Any last words?

Finally I would definitely love to thank you for this wonderful interview. It was amazing answering your questions. And thank you for having me.


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