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Top 10 Arab Inspired Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, there is no end to the styles and designs that you can pick from, be it light everyday necklaces to heavy wedding themed jewelry. While everybody loves a little sparkle on their fingers and a little pendant on their neck, it is the big, splashy, blinked out heavy jewelry that always draws our attention. Admit it, it’s the same for you, isn’t it?

Well, when it comes to heavy and beautiful jewelry, you simply cannot beat the traditional and exquisitely crafted Arabic jewelry. Take a look at the following Arabic inspired jewelry that have dazzled women and men equally all over the world.

1. Chained by Beauty

Chained by Beauty(Source:

This set of chunky boho chains is absolutely perfect for the dormant gypsy spirit inside you. So put on your kaftan, don on this headgear and paint the town red!

2. Pretty in Gold

Pretty in Gold(Source:

This simple teardrop Arab inspired gold pendant is absolutely perfect for the minimalist inside you. Add a little touch of makeup and you are date ready!

3. The Cuff of Panache

The Cuff of Panache(Source:

This simple cuff with Arabic calligraphy is absolutely stunning and elegant and just the right touch of traditional and sleek.

4. The Brooch of Beauty

The Brooch of Beauty(Source:

This antique brooch from 1913 is encrusted with diamonds, onyx, pearls and emeralds and is fixed on a base of platinum. Dream come true, right?

5. Set in Emerald

Set in Emerald(Source:

This Arabic ring is perfect for a heavy, Kaftan wearing look. Consisting of emeralds, this thing bespeaks exoticism and royalty.

6. Bang with a Bangle

Bang with a Bangle


This semi-precious stone-encrusted bangle may look simple, but with the right kind of outfit, it is bound to jazz up your entire look and make you the centre of attention.

7. The Wedding Jewelry

The Wedding Jewelry(Source:

This mehendi inspired bridal set is just the thing for the bride’s special day, when she wants to look and feel, not like a princess, but like a queen. Set in gold, this set itself will make everyone talk for weeks to come.

8. The Golden Veil

The Golden Veil(Source:

While this headpiece may be unconventional, you have to admit that it is extremely bold and requires huge amounts of confidence to pull off. Rest assured, if you manage to carry this headgear off, you will be hailed as the queen of fashion.

9. Sliver of Silver

Sliver of Silver(Source:

Unlike in most other cultures, Arabic women love dressing up their feet too, in beautiful jewelry pieces. For instance, this bohemian styled Arabic feet bracelet a must have for all those jewelry freaks out there.

10. The Tribal Traditional

The Tribal Traditional(Source:

This antique silver set of earrings is so stunning that you can’t help but fall in love with it. While the chain and the shape are definitely tribal, it is the design on the medallion that makes it quintessentially oriental and definitely alluring.

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